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Kortimed S.r.l.  was born in 2005 as an evolution of Marco Corti Autotrasporti started in 1982 by the owner Marco Corti, truck driver according to family tradition, and immediately engaged in the logistics sector of food oils. It is from his own intuition, that in 1998 the company decided to invest in this specific branch of land transport, opening his first branch in Spain, another important country engaged in processing of oil.

Just three years later came another turning point for the company: the integration of land transport with maritime thanks to the collaboration with Grimaldi Lines, the leading company in the Ro-Ro transport in the Mediterranean.  For the first time, an Italian company exploits the motorways of the Sea and thanks to the Ro-Ro ships revolutionizes the rules of the logistics sector of food liquids. In the years to come, the company specializes in the transportation of food oils throughout the Mediterranean and expands also in Tunisia, Greece and Morocco.

In 2011, Kortimed decided to diversify and expand its offer, opening logistics to the wine sector and its derivatives. In the early years, the transport of these products takes place only between Italy and Spain, but in 2015 after a careful study of European markets, the distribution network is extended to the countries of Northern and Eastern Europe that enter the market for milk and fruit juices for the first time. Currently Kortimed offers its services throughout Europe thanks to an intermodal transport network, which is spread by land, by sea and by rail.

Thanks to the know how demonstrated in over 20 years of work and the wide range of services offered, Kortimed is able to guarantee its customers a constant presence throughout the European territory. The Ro-Ro maritime transport, the company’s strength, can rely on a trusted and certified haulage network in every Mediterranean port that can guarantee the highest possible timeliness in the circulation of the Kortimed tanks, meeting even urgent requests.

After twenty years of experience in the food oil logistics sector, we have chosen Spain as the first springboard to expand and consolidate our commercial network abroad for the transport of food liquids.
In addition to the Italian headquarters in Livorno, a new modern headquarters is added in Valencia, designed to integrate all the strategic, managerial, operational, logistical and symbolic functions under a single architecture.

kortimed Company

The fleet

With its Intermodal Transport Operational Network, Kortimed has 1700 cisterns distributed between Europe and North Africa, all equipped with satellite location to ensure maximum customer transparency and immediate and continuous tracking of their merchandise.


To ensure perfect product maintenance, before each load, all tanks are sanitized by qualified personnel in modern and sophisticated washing stations. The Kortimed’s tanks respond to the hygienic requirements of healthcare organizations and ATPs regarding the construction of isothermal installations for the transportation of perishable foods. The company has the HACCP and Uni Iso 9001: 2000 certifications, thanks to the high standards of organization, organization and quality management of the services offered.

Certification Kortimed RINA

Certification Kortimed Espana RINA

Sustainability Report

Attention to the environment, human capital, and digitalization is required at the international level, and Kortimed is actively working to not only adapt to these trends but also to harness them for value creation. In fact, Kortimed’s leadership has always placed sustainability at the core of its strategic vision, encompassing its triple meaning: environmental, social, and economic.

This commitment to sustainability is concretely manifested in daily operations and in the implementation of intermodal transportation activities, integrating three modes of transportation: road, sea, and rail.

For 2021 and 2022, Kortimed has prepared sustainability reports, drafted in accordance with the standards provided by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), to formalize its commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Sustainability Report – 2021

Sustainability Report – 2022

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Kortimed srl è stata dichiarata beneficiaria, con delibera finale della Segreteria di Stato per i Trasporti e la Mobilità Sostenibile del 5 aprile 2024, del primo bando per agevolazioni dell'ecoincentivo per promuovere il trasporto marittimo di merci in base al merito ambientale e socioeconomico, corrispondente al periodo di ammissibilità 2022-2023 in conformità con le basi normative pubblicate nella BOE del 5 maggio 2022 nell'ordinanza TMA/391/2022 del 26 aprile. L'importo di tale sussidio è ammontato a € 375.904,80

Kortimed Srl Sucursal en España - CIF W0075963I - Calle Mas de Oliveral, Número 7 - 46190, Ribarroja del Turia, Valencia

Kortimed srl Sucursal en España ha sido declarada beneficiaria, mediante resolución definitiva de la Secretaría de Estado de Transportes y Movilidad Sostenible de fecha 5 de abril de 2024, en la primera convocatoria de subvenciones del eco-incentivo para el impulso del transporte marítimo de mercancías basado en el mérito ambiental y socioeconómico, correspondiente al período de elegibilidad 2022-2023 de acuerdo con las bases reguladoras publicadas en el BOE del 5 de Mayo de 2022 en la Orden TMA/391/2022 de 26 de abril. El importe de dicha subvención ha ascendido a 470.104,40€.

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